Histogram with Matplotlib

A histogram represents the frequency of the values in an array. The following code generates a histogram from a flattened array (Line 2). The x-axis is limited to a certain range (1500–2650, Line 4). Zero values in the dataset are ignored (Line 5). Labels from the y-axis are removed (Line 9).

def create_elo_chart(): elo = read_elo().flatten() fig, ax = plt.subplots() plt.xlim(xmin = 1500, xmax = 2650) counts, bins = np.histogram(elo[elo != 0], 25) plt.hist(bins[:-1], bins, weights = counts) ax.set(xlabel='Elo rating') ax.set_yticklabels([]) ax.grid() fig.savefig('elo.png')
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The code generates this histogram.